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Monitors & Recorders

In many areas of videography, photographers and videographers use not only the camera's monitor, but also external displays.

An external option offers distinct advantages over the fixed ones in a professional application. A video monitor can display everything larger for the camera operator, which improves image assessment and makes focusing easier. Focus Peaking, 3D Luts and Zebras are among the other features such a device brings. Field monitors with a recording function unlock even more features for the camera or camcorder. Modern cameras in the DSLR or DSLM range can deliver higher video quality with an external recorder than without. Among the most important enhancements here are unlimited recording time, which is fixed at 30 minutes for still cameras, and the freedom to even record in Cinema DNG Raw (CDNG) on some devices.

In broadcasting, the monitors are also used to forward the signal. Another employee then gets the multicam links on a separate monitor and can switch between the individual camera angles. Another aid for broadcast work or Youtube videos is the classic teleprompter to facilitate the reading out of texts. Thus, the time in productions can be significantly minimized.

Advantages of video monitors at a glance

In the following we present some advantages, which video recorders / video monitors can bring along.

  • External storage options
  • Other video codecs like Log, or CDNG, etc.
  • Histogram in waveform
  • better focus & sharpness determination
  • larger display
  • Independence of the camera internal display e.g. when using a gimbal
  • Preview of the video material with Colorlook (3D Lut)
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Hands on the new Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 DG DN OS S

Sigma's 70-200 f/2.8 is a strong competitor to lenses from Sony and Panasonic. The attractive price of €1,699 RRP makes the Sigma a worthwhile alternative, especially in comparison to the 70-200 2.8 from Panasonic and Sony's new G-Master, which is significantly more expensive.

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Free live consultation

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Tascam DR-10L black

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Tascam DR-05X

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Tascam DR-07X

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Bundles with Atomos Ninja CAST, stand-alone switcher with monitor Ninja V

Atomos Ninja CAST, stand-alone switcher with monitor Ninja V - Returned Goods -..

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